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Have you ever dreamed of owning a place in the sun, surrounded by the beautiful crystal-clear Mediterranean Sea. Maltese landscape and breath-taking views are just some of the delights of our Island. This could be a second home for holidays or longer stays.

We have mobile homes for sale. Please contact us for further information.

We are now developing part of the site for long term mobile homes, caravans and motor homes. Plots are available for annual lease. Prime plots still available. Spring 2010; there will be sited mobile homes for sale through the Malta Campsite as well as the occasional private sale. Please bookmark this page.

From time to time touring caravans maybe for sale as well as mobile homes onsite.

Alternatively you may already have or wish to purcahse a mobile home to be shipped to Malta - we can arrange the shipping and installation for you. Or you might like to visit one of the UK suppliers we have teamed up with. They can assist you in choice of home and shipping arrangments. Mobile homes can be brought from any location in UK or Europe.

For more information kindly contact us on +356 9949 6707

Have You Ever Wished To Own Your Own Place Abroad?

Here is something a bit different — how about owning your own mobile home in the warm Mediterranean sun?

You would have total access to it all year around — for holidays, weekends. For your family and friends.

We have several plots for annual rent, you can even come and hire a mobile home for a week to see how you like the location and facilities.

There is no pressure — we just want you to relax, enjoy your stay with us in the beautiful rural setting of our campsite.

Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime — limited spaces.


View from out site - looking over to Comino

You could own a detached residence in the sun on the Mediterranean Island of Malta.

Q. So what does it cost to come on the site?

A. For those who import a mobile home onto our site; there is gate fee of Euro 3000.00 (one time only) which allows you to select your space on our campsite at the cost of Euro 25.00 per square meter annually and a hook-up fee (one time only) of Euro 1165.00. Annual ground rent based on 25.00 per square meter. (Approximate 80 square meters per plot)

Q. Can I rent out my mobile home?

A. Yes you can rent out your mobile home through the campsite, for more details contact us.

We can quote transport according to your location, make, model, size and age. We can arrange transport for your caravan up to 5 years old to our site (a contract will be renewed every year during the stay).

More info contact

Static Caravans, motor-homes and Mobile homes

Q. What is a 'Gate Fee'?

A. When you purchase a mobile home from a park directly, the price charged includes a sensible profit on the home, which is why the price paid is always higher than those displayed by mobile home dealers. Parks could not survive on rental income alone, a 'Gate Fee' of usually several thousand pounds at least is included in the price of a sited home.

This is how all European sites operate; the dealer displays a price on the homes, but the price when delivered and installed on the park is usually 7 to 15 thousand pounds more, dependant on park and location.

Many UK and European parks asked for plots only, clients would most often be declined, but any who agreed would charge a 'Gate Fee', this is usually far more than 3000 Euros we charge, in some cases double.

The reason for this is very simple, re-investment on the park. This is the only way a site makes money by home sales. Annual rentals cover costs ongoing, with hopefully a some amount left over for maintainence etc, but it is small.

The only assets on sites are the plots, once the plots are filled they have only rental as income, as they cannot then sell a new home or gain another investment from a new 'Gate Fee'.

The UK and indeed many sites abroad have a rule that you must replace your home every 10 or 12 years or so, it's not because they fall apart in that time and you need a new one. They have to do this to create new investment money, as they could not survive on rentals alone. Here on Malta Campsite we do not insist on this rule! We just ask that if you are considering shipping a home that it is under 5 years old so it will be in keeping with homes already sited.

We hope this helps clarify the 'Gate Fee' for prospective home owners. Any further questions you may have - don't hesitate to contact us.

These are UK suppliers we have teamed up with to assist you on viewing and purchasing your mobile home to be shipped to Malta Campsite. They will be able to advise you on suitable homes

Suppliers of Mobile homes in the UK for transporting to Malta Knowles Leisure Ian James Sambeck Caravans
Malta Campsite Is The Ideal Place For Caravans And Camping

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Malta Campsite Is The Ideal Place For Caravans And Camping

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