Campsite Rules

Safety: Fire extinguishers are placed around the site. Abuse of these could result in criminal charges.

Security: Adventure Campsite Malta accepts no liability for lost/stolen items. All items are left at owner’s risk.

Security: is provided 24hours a day for the safety of the site and its patrons.

Cleanliness: We will make every effort to keep the site facilities clean and tidy. Any comments on the standard of cleanliness will be welcome. We would ask for your assistance in keeping the site clean by using the refuse bins and recycle bins - waste water disposal points provided, and by leaving all facilities clean after use.

Noise: Noise is to be kept to a level which will not disturb others, especially between 10pm and 8am in winter and 12am and 7am in summer.

Dogs: Dogs will be welcomed, provided they are kept on a lead at all times. They will not be permitted to foul the campsite. If they do, the owners will be responsible for cleaning the area. Should any dogs disturb patrons; owners will be instructed to leave the campsite without prior notice.

Barbecues: Open fires will not be allowed. Barbecues may be lit provided they are raised off the ground and are in a suitable container. Please ensure that smoke and fumes do not disturb other campers. Used charcoal should be cooled before disposal, put in a plastic bag, and placed in the skips provided.

Tents: Only branded manufactured tents will be allowed on site. Toilet tents are allowed only at an extra charge,depending on size.

Showers: Only showers provided on site by the company will be allowed.

Gazebos: Gazebos will only be allowed on demand and at an extra charge. This charge will be determined according to size and space available at the time, by the Site Manager.

Canopies: Only standard tent front canopies are allowed to be erected, and they must not exceed 2m.
No other form of shade providers will be allowed.

Water Tanks: Water tanks are prohibited from the site.

Waste Water: Sink and private toilet water must be disposed of in the facilities provided.

Flags: No flags or any other forms of accessories of a controversial nature are to be erected.

Clothes: Clothes / washing are not to be hung outside the tent, unless on a proper clothes airer.

Bicycles: Not to be ridden on the campsite

Parties: No private parties are allowed.

Visitors: Visitors will be issued with a visitors pass against payment either for all day or evening entrance. Visitors must leave the site by 11pm.

Other Terms and Conditions
The Management reserves the right to exclude customers from the campsite for breach of the rules as stipulated above, or any other terms and conditions which the Company may wish to introduce to ensure the safe and smooth running of the campsite, not covered above.

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Malta Campsite Is The Ideal Place For Caravans And Camping

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Being the leading campsite in Malta we are providing high quality services at reasonable prices. We want to be the excellance when it comes to campsite experience does providing our customer the best services so that they can enjoy their holiday with peace of mind.

Malta Campsite Is The Ideal Place For Caravans And Camping

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Our ultimate mission is to provide our customers with the best campsite experience. Be sure that you will relax and enjoy nature while having all the services that you will need at your disposal.


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